We Sudachi Groupe have its base in Fukuoka and runs construction and trade (export and import in China, supporting Japanese companies for advance to China).



Company name Sudachi Industory Co.,Ltd
President Takasu Kazuki

Headquarters /8-19 Odake Koga-Si Fukuoka Japan
Office Factory/22-12 Odake Koga-Si Fukuoka Japan

TEL 092-944-6901
FAX 092-944-6902
Capital 3,000,000yen
Establishment 1998/November(1984 / April Individual establishments)
Business contents ●Construction            ●Roof construction
●Sheeting metal works ●Pipe works
●Interior decorations    ●Waterproof works
“ Trust “

 “ Trust “ is valuable in our human society. The best sense of value has never changed in all age. We would like to live up to customers’ expectations and necessity. Now lots of projects are advanced to make a city of 21st century. So we also help them with making-city project in Fukuoka that is said to have the biggest future in Japan by means of the sophisticated technology.

“ the motto of a company ”

We will happily make a great effort with its base on originality, forwardness and trust.

“Originality” means a usual effort for rationalization and development of ideas. Making a progress and development cannot be made in a day.

 “Forwardness” means exercise leadership with its base on vigorous frontier spirit and guts to keep on enlightening ourselves so that we will be a leading company or a leading member.
“Trust” is promoting power that values harmony with each other. This establishes human relationships supported by mutual understanding that transcend power relationships.

Company name

Takasu Trade Co.,Ltd

President Takasu Kazuki

8-19 Odake Koga-Si Fukuoka Japan

TEL 092-400-6010
FAX 092-944-6902
Capital 3,000,000yen


Business contents Trade business.Invitation of the Chinese country of a Japanese company.
“List of services and articles ” steel board(Garba foundation/Garba color)
steel material(H-type steel・C-type steel・L angle・Column)
architectural material(Flooring material・Tiles)
Daily goods

“we are "the Bridge"between China and Japan”

We have two Chinese employees posted to Dalian.We world like to prepare for information networks to know the present circumstances as a result of their keeping a good friendship with business community in China.

“a course  ”

1.We will offer product and service which satisfies customers.
2.We will give happiness to the customers.
3.We will work in a position of customers
4.We will contribute our share to make a better relationship between China and Japan.

We will do our best to achieve these four aims.





Access:3 minutes from tekino / koga futsukaiti line