We Sudachi Groupe have its base in Fukuoka and runs construction and trade (export and import in China, supporting Japanese companies for advance to China).


Sudachi Industory Corporation・・・ We provide service for future construction wholeheartedly by means of solid technology.

We construct exterior walls and roofs.We contract to build factories, condominiums and houses. We started the business 23 years ago. The young talent has been encouraged and we all strive for our best in good circumstances.

Takasu Trading Company ・・・ We develop import and export business on its base in Dalian,China..

We put our mind to the service under the conviction of reciprocity.We will establish the company that receives favorable view and trust. The first time when we started in Dalian, we were tied up with a trading company that treats steels and handled construction materials such as steel boards and plywood. But now we are importing various kinds of items and buying them directly in proper price.